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The term feline lower urinary tract disease is a general term for a variety of disorders, including crystals of Struvite, oxalate stones, cystitis, bladder, and kidney. It is usually by the caregiver for pets when they realize that the cat is urinating frequently or if the cat under heavy strain to urinate if’s blood in urine samples, or if the cat in unusual places is urination. It can not enough strong, which emphasize in this case, it is absolutely necessary, that a veterinarian should be contacted immediately, and diagnosed. Urinary blockage is very painful for the cat, and a diagnosis and treatment be 72 hours at the most, to prevent permanent damage.

The treatment of Feline lower urinary tract disease (SUF) sometimes includes surgery, especially with oxalate stones, but prevention is relatively easy. Statistics show, that one be diagnosed by three cats with this disease in their lives prevention is important. Most of the studies have shown that a diet based on dry commercial cat food creates highly concentrated urine, and this is usually the trouble begins. Contrary to popular belief, a cat is not a drinker of natural water. The House cat has its origin in the dry regions of Africa, Europe, and China, where the water is very often not available. The cat is, therefore, their humidity the prey, which they eat. A regime which is free from humidity, alien, the natural diet of the cat, she is creating a State of chronically dehydrated and therefore should be avoided.

Several years ago, when he discovered that the formation of Struvite by commercial pet food, these pet-food companies created an acidic food, to improve the situation. As a result, oxalate stones was the word of the day. These are even more serious, because they require very often surgical removal, especially in male cats, where the urethra is too small for these stones in the urine. Based on these findings, necessarily a biologically healthy balanced diet with raw food.

The dry commercial also tends to be very rich in carbohydrates in the form of grain and botanicals kibble. Cette Teneur en carbohydrates Élevée Crée one urine alkalinity, he quit Permet À son tour la formation de Cristaux de Struvite. A healthy balance is the pH level in urine of fundamental importance to feline health. Food bio cat meat, which creates an acidic environment, correct and Struvite crystals are not more acidic urine normally in the present.

Vitamin supplementation should be avoided. Vitamin C is not recommended in particular because of forms of oxalic acid in the presence of vitamin C, and this change in oxalate. Green leafy vegetables are particularly outdated as other vegetables and cereals.

What is “chronic renal failure?

Chronic renal failure is, by definition, not an inability of the kidneys produce urine, but rather the inability of the kidneys, waste from the blood to remove. In affected cats with chronic kidney, failure kidneys actually produce large amounts of urine, while the waste out of the body is not effectively eliminated. There is a difference between the illnesses of kidneys of the cat and the severe chronic renal insufficiency (CRI). In other words, the cat kidney disease is simply a diagnosis where the kidneys overloaded or the toxins in the environment, drugs, diabetes, cancer, etc. are damaged.

Cat kidney disease is characterized by the guardian for pets, if the cat shows signs of increase in thirst, dehydration, loss of appetite, changes in urination, nausea, and Pai

“Kidney failure”, can mean on the other side the kidneys shut down. The prognosis is not good. When kidneys fail completely IV or subcutaneous fluids could daily need in order to keep the body hydrated.

According to Russell Swift, DVM “in my opinion there are to deteriorate three main reasons for the kidney, and finally fail.”

(1) the quality of the food.
(2) toxicity, and
(3) Chronicle.

Sources of protein, insufficient and inadequate, and low humidity (dry food) are the two large kidney stress factors that opine after my occur in commercial food products. The kidneys are also a blow to many toxins that the body is exposed. Many drugs, the classic, including nonsteroidal anti-i

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